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For eight years we have been aiming to connect winemakers and wine lovers through our wine tasting cases, in which we present great wines from several different wineries accompanied with a magazine full of information. We try to fully present the wines with detailed wine analytics and information about the winemakers and wineries, with the help of articles, interviews and photographs. For eight years we have been dealing with smaller and middle sized wineries, visiting them personally and maintaining long term friendships, which is in our opinion the only way how to make business in this fast paced, unpersonalised age. Wine is about people and enjoyment. Join us in our mission of presenting your quality wines to wine lovers in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland!

Present your wines to our wine loving customers

We are a small family business focusing on presenting interesting, quality wines, wineries and terroir to our large private clientele. We also aim to serve the story behind making the wines, to mediate the full wine experience to our customers.

Every month we are sending a “tasting case” consisting of 6 good wine bottles

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We present great wines to private customers from Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.

Printed magazine

Every month we are publishing a new issue of our printed Cuvée magazine, which consists of 50 pages full of information about wines, wineries, terroir, wine making procedures etc. The magazine is produced in 3000 copies, from which one third goes to our club members as part of the “wine tasting case”, the other two thirds are sent to our monthly subscribers. Each issue is thematic – either we focus on a certain wine region, or a certain wine variety. It always corresponds with the topic of the current tasting case. 

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